Product Information

Syrah grapes were hand-picked at 24.5° Brix when their skins started to slightly shrink, indicating they were at their peak of flavor, maturity and balance; fermentation was stimulated by select yeast for 10 days, pumping over 1x day to extract color and tannins; once the wine was almost dry, the skins were removed, fermentation completed and then sent to age in French Oak barrels for 18 months; bottled with a natural cork finish.


100% Syrah


Chile - Leyda Valley

Tasting notes

Deep red color, with a slight orange tint. In the nose, hints of violets, bacon, vanilla and leather (typical of the most famous Rhône wines. On the palate, dry, full-bodied, juicy, spicy with a very long finish, good and soft tannins.

Pairing Suggestions

Steak (ribeye), lamb, spicy sausages, hearty dishes, stews, dishes with bacon or lots of black pepper, Cypress Grove's ``Midnight Moon`` aged cheese from goat’s milk.


Leyda Valley, Chile – This region sits on a set of rolling hills on the seaward side of the coastal range, particularly cold because of the Humboldt Current and consequently produces bright, vibrant wines. The soil here at 180 mts. above sea level is largely clay and loam over a granite base with moderate drainage.

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